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Length, Volume, Lift (LVL)

  • 1 h
  • 105 Australian dollars
  • The Parade

Service Description

This sought after eyelash treatment lifts the lashes from the root, giving you an open eye appearance with no need for mascara and lasts up to eight (8) weeks. We highly recommend our lash and brow serum is used with this treatment to maintain healthy lashes. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ LVL EYELASH LIFT AFTERCARE Here are six things to avoid doing to keep your LVL lashes looking their best: ◦ Don’t get your lashes wet for the first 48 hours, and avoid steam, saunas and swimming. It’s also worth avoiding the gym or heavy exercise for the first 24 hours ◦ For tinted lashes, avoid strong sunlight or UV light for the first 24 hours. If you want to top up your tint, just return to your salon after four (4) weeks ◦ After your treatment, avoid sleeping on your front or side, so your lashes don’t get disturbed whilst they set in place ◦ Try not to touch or rub your eye area, especially when washing or cleansing your face. If you have had a lower LVL treatment, your lower lashes will appear longer so take extra care when cleansing your under eyes ◦ No oil-based make-up or remover. Our aftercare range offers some simple water- based alternatives ◦ Don’t use lash curlers, they can be harsh on your natural lashes. With LVL lashes, you won’t need them anyway For a simple aftercare routine for ultimate eyes, every day, shop our '3 Step Lash Care System'. An LVL lash lift and lower LVL treatment can’t be removed, as they’re both semi-permanent treatment for your natural lashes. Instead, the lash lift will grow out naturally. We look forward to seeing you at your next treatment.

Contact Details

  • 174 The Parade, Norwood SA, Australia

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